About our Company

History of our company - Is the story of a team that more than 15 years ago began developing and manufacturing velkoformátovýh screens. Over the years accumulated a vast experience in the development, production and operation LED SOLUTIONS.

  • More than 15 years of experience
  • A professional approach
  • Guarantee the best quality
  • Unbeatable price and availability
  • Guarantee of 15% increase in your profits
  • Experienced team
  • Who is Alpha LED Inc.

    AlphaLED Inc. obchodn9 unit is spole4nosti Alpha LED Inc. Environmentally friendly, innovative displays, it is our brand. We invented the first LED display on the wall in 1995, and we draw on our experience and extensive background in lighting and video processing.

    We use environmentally and socially responsible "green" alternatives to reduce the impact of energy consumption and C02 emissions on the environment. Our products and services are the greenest on the market. No other supplier can offer end-to-end service experience and product quality as our company Alpha LED, as

    Modular & Creative display

    We offer a wide range of high quality, modular, creative, indoor and outdoor displays, screens, banners, panels, facades, sidewalks and ice pharmaceutical crosses showing your wishes all markets around the world. Our products are supported by an expert team of Engineers and are designed to optimally depicted the highest quality at extremely long life.

    Customer Solutions

    Alpha LED Inc. offers to all customers in the different markets added value, "koordinbované solution." We will help you with choosing the right display. We will for you after every aspect of your project from initial concept, financial intermediation, planning, installation and training, operation and technical maintenance. Our innovative, flexible, turnkey LED solutions will ensure you maximize your return on investment.

    AlphaLED today - Is a group of highly skilled workers engineers, developers, experienced plumbers and professional managers, who know and love the products of our company.

    One word -coordinated team of experts, who are practicing European style work in all directions: from the initial meeting with the client, to the installation and commissioning of high quality LED products.

    Electronic solutions AlphaLED will bring not only happiness!