About newLED Solutions

dynamic content presentation, movement, light, color and limitless possibilities presentations on the streets, stores and offices.

any time and in any weather attracting the attention of every passerby. These are the advantages of our equipment that we put into your hands, you can create your advertisement for příjemce neobvyklý experience that have stayed in his mind, he never finishes.

During the latest technologies and ever faster pace of life, a large LED screen, the only technology that you are able to quickly change the presentation and respond quickly to changes in a changing world.

It is the only medium that is able to group the most important functions that require presentation of information by advertisers. Traditional advertising media have such an advantage in view of the installation time or gluing.

Companies that base their marketing on the ad, they should take the LED screen as an ideal beam advertising. Prestige and the expansion of this type of advertising is a great idea to present a positive outlook for the company, indicating the stability of and confidence.

addition, LED screen as a great addition to increased campaigns of the traditional advertising mediums such as radio or television.   We dynamics, light, movement of 16 million colors - you can make whatever you want.