About LED media facades

Media Facades - seamlessly integrated into the architectural appearance of the building or on the screen of any size and shape (with the possibility of transmission of text messages, graphics, animations and videos) on its surface, which is installed on the outside of the building.


media facades suitable for use on large surfaces (walls, or exterior of the building) of any area but perfect size is about 100 square meters. With the stand structure, media facades can be installed directly on the other side of the building where there are windows. While access to natural light in the room will be limited. The most effective efficiency dominates media facades in dark and twilight days.

LED media facades will ensure greater efficiency, prestige, a better opinion about your company, it will attract new clients, sponsors, customers, and much more. This product is the top advertising and marketing invace. Accept the 21st century and prepare for it on their own. Alpha LED will guarantee an increase in clients and profits.

Advantages of LED media facades

  • With its own manufacturing modules are the cheapest on the market
  • dynamic, clear and effective advertising
  • latest tecnologie
  • different sizes without limitation
  • attractiveness and high brightness
  • easy assembly and right
  • ultralight material
  • man remembers moving rather than static advertising
  • use on any surface
  • enhancements position your company ahead of the competition
  • simple editing of video materials
  • increase inquiries and visits clients in more than 20%
  • AlphaLED manufactures several models of media facades with different coefficients of transparency and with different pixel pitch from 25 mm to 100 mm. Our design allows you to create not only the surface of a rectangular or square shape but also complex forms, repetitive building outlines or showing the inscription and logo, which is noted in the image.

    Photos and Applications

    Connection options media facade is more than one way. The picture shown is a method where the ice to give the metal strips that are placed on the facade. This method is very precise, simple and very effective. This method can also be placed in the facade to be seen only diodes.

    Sample LED media facades used not world trade fair in Russia

    Sample one display leds

    Sample one display leds

    Opportunity to participate in the curtains or chain. This method is good. The only drawback is that this method can not be integrated into the facade and has less transparency.

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