About LED pharmancy cross

alphaLED colors pharmancy cross alphaLED monocolor pharmancy cross

Especially for registration of pharmacies, our company has developed LED Cross first aid kit, which I mention in two price ranges:

AlphaCROSS Mono mid-priced model, combining options, scrolling text, and light with a lot of visual effects for graphics and logos , monochromatic with shades of brightness.

AlphaCROSS Color premium class model, combining options, scrolling text, and light with a lot of visual effects, with gradations of brightness, transfusion different colors, logos and graphics display, full color.

These modern, interactive advertising, are styled standard lékárním Cross. Single-sided or double-sided LED Cross are set perpendicular to the facade of the building, so that the image on it is visible from both sides of sufficiently large distance.

its clarity, dynamics and possibilities of information via LED Power attracts a lot of attention and new clients. Models with features, running text, or running the screen can display advertising news, discounts, or may be used to support the individual brands.

crowded due to its functions with him and advise inexperienced users.

all our customers who have installed LED pharmacy cross AlphaCROSS, recorded significant advertising effect, some of them who keep statistics, observed a 15% to 20% increase in visitors and profits.

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