About LED banners


in today's fast moving times indispensable marketing and promotional product on the market.

The great advantages of this product are that it is very flexible and can be used on any surface and in any dimension.

Stop unnecessary spending Panizo for static and text ad in the media, use the LED banners as an effective tool for communicating information to your clients, Prove that you want to be seen and you want to be successful. Do what requires time!

Advantages of LED Banners

  • With its own manufacturing modules are the cheapest on the market
  • dynamic, clear and effective advertising
  • immediate control of the ads displayed
  • different lengths without limitation banners
  • attractiveness and high brightness
  • easy assembly and right
  • ultralight material
  • man remembers moving rather than static advertising
  • use on any surface
  • enhancements position your company ahead of the competition
  • simple editing of video materials
  • increase inquiries and visits clients in more than 20%
  • About LED cushion

    LED cushion , full-color LED video banners recently found another application. LEDs are now used not only as screens and video tags, but also as a full-color LED video cushions (LED video cushion) on stadiums and sports facilities.

    Advantages of this type of advertising is a number

    Static or rotating banners placed along the edge of the ground or hanging at different levels along the viewer's worth much attention, because sports fans LED LED boards and banners placed along the course focus their attention. These LEDs constraints allow the viewer to communicate advertising messages throughout the match and therefore it is a very good and successful commercial space that soon will not be missing in any stadium.

    No one can ignore this statement.

    Since the height of the banner is more or less standard and never exceeds 1.2 to 1.3 meters, so there is limitation of the use of modules with large pitch between the LEDs.

    Examples sporting boundaries

    View of LED cushion with accessories

    Use of sports LED cushion find from football stadiums and winter, through basketball, volleyball, floorbals and others course, to surround different racecourses, etc.

    Photos and Applications

    View of the back of the Banner

    Mounting banners on shopping center

    Rear view of the interior of Banner

    Banners test before shipment to the customer

    Rear view of the interior of Banner

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