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LED screen the active display device whose active element are light-emitting diodes, known as LED (Light Emitting Diode abbreviation), folded into the network (matrix) covering the entire screen.

LED screen is based on the principle of color addition, each individual full-color point is formed by three LEDs - red, green a blue. When watching a large LED screen from a distance, the lights of all three LEDs will merge due to the limited resolution of the human eye and the viewer perceives as a single colored point.

The greater the spacing between the LEDs, the greater the minimum viewing distance.

LEDs are arranged in the display area with sunshades. The sunshades are roofs over LED, which prevents the impact of solar radiation and protects against mechanical damage. Black matte color screen provides optimum conditions for maximum utilization of color range and intensity of the emitted light. Different light intensities of each LED can be created to 68 billion colors!

Image data are processed in a computer by a control application that assigns each LED different brightness. This information is sent to the control unit inside the display itself. All this happens in real time at a refresh rate of 600 Hz, ie 600 times per second.

The high refresh rate ensures that the image of the LED display, recorded any video, flash, which is absolutely necessary for TV broadcasts of sporting events or concerts.

Advantages of our product from the competition

  • With its own manufacturing modules are the cheapest on the market
  • most advanced technology on the market
  • own software to control advertisements and animations
  • own production LED module
  • best prices on the market
  • Ultralight material DIBOND
  • friendly meeting
  • Fast delivery and service

  • Photos and Applications

    Installation of LED SCREEN on expressway

    Night view of a mounting LED SCREEN on the road

    Installation SLIM LED SCREEN on a glass façade mall

    Installation of LED SCREEN on expressway

    Installation of LED SCREEN on expressway

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