LED display series AlphaSLIM favorably differs by the following factors:

  • LED sections are built up the entire screen is filled composite type DIBOND . This makes it possible screen weight: 35 kg per square meter .
  • Maintenance screen can be both from the front and from the back side. This screen allows you to make very thin ram (mostly 150-200 mm) and allows the installation of screens on the walls of buildings and glass facades. An example of such a setting is shown in the photo.
  • screen size is a multiple of the size of one module (320x160 mm for step 10, 20, 256x256 mm, for step 16 and Progress is 400x200 mm 25) . This makes it possible to accurately "install" the screen to the premises stated by the client.
  • display different and independent information to multiple "windows" simultaneously.
  • display ads, text messages, videos and pictures on schedule.
  • automatic brightness control according to plan.
  • Auto On / Off.
  • more quality control creates a single assembly and clean "image".

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